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Is used to remove mold release agents, wax, oil, grease and other surface contamination from the hulls of fiberglass boats. It`s also an effective brush cleaner.


It is essential to use Interlux 202 Fiberglass Solvent Wash prior to painting fiberglass gel coat, regardless of age. Interlux 202 removes the residue of mold release agents utilized during the molding process as well as any previously applied waxes. Failure to do so will lead to adhesion problems with subsequent paint applications. 

Interlux 202 Fiberglass Solvent Wash is a combination of several solvents, some of which are very slow to evaporate from the surface of the gel coat being wiped. This characteristic is very important because the wax contaminants must stay in solution so that it can be wiped from the surface before it dries. 202 Solvent Wash is also an excellent parts clean up and multi-purpose wipe down solvent.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions5 x 8 x 3 in
MFG Part#


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