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Walker Bay’s Rigid Inflatable Dinghy (RID) Series combines the best features of a hard shell dinghy with the stability and utility of aninflatable.


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WalkerBay’s Rigid Inflatable Dinghy (RID) Series combines the best featuresof a hard shell dinghy with the stability and utility of an inflatable.The Variable Profile Design (VPD) tube, unique to Walker Bay engages the water only when required. The RID310R offers a tender solution to everyone. The 1100 Decitex PVC tube carries a Walker Bay 5 Year Warranty, with the standard Walker Bay 10 Year Hull Warranty.

TheRID310R is the ideal boat for those who want the versatility, durability, cockpit space and innovative features of the Walker Bay 10 but need the stability, greater capacity and horsepower rating that the 4 chamber tube provides. Row, motor, sail or tow the RID310R does itall, while adding safety and stability to the experience.

Standard Features & Components

  • Multi-chamber VPD tube adds capacity and HP rating
  • 7′ Hydro Curve oars with collars and detachable blades
  • Steel back oarlocks & flush-mount sockets
  • Non-slip cockpit floor
  • Integrated motor/tiller mount
  • Adjustable rowing footrest
  • Insulated cup holders
  • Deluxe rub rail
  • Wheel in the KeelTM
  • Stainless steel bow eye
  • One way drain plug

Innovative Design

The VPD tube is varied in both diameter and shape along the length of theboat to provide optimum performance and to act as a Fender with a protective rub rail when alongside other boats or docking. The WalkerBay RID offers increased cockpit space and dry comfortable seating compared to inflatables of the same size, while maintaining the security of a durable rigid hull.

How it Works

With alight load and moderate seas, the VPD tube does not engage and the bow cuts gracefully through the water. In heavier seas or as the loadshifts, the VPD tube engages as required for lateral stability. 


Exceptional Cockpit Space

Becauseof the large rigid hull structure with external tubes, the RID has exceptional cockpit space for a small boat. Three comfortable seats provide secure internal seating for all passengers and greater cargo capacity. The lapstrake hull of the Rigid Dinghy is designed to cut through water producing less displacement and drag, resulting in a boat that rows easier and straighter. What’s more, the Hydro Curve Oarblades are super light to reduce swing weight and rower fatigue and arecurved to maximize rowing efficiency.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions200 x 200 x 200 in
MFG Part#


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