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Its been too windy for many people to get our this week. Plus there have been huge tide swings that have dispersed the fish. As such I’ve just heard very mixed reports, as the people who found fish did well. And those that didn’t find fish…well they didn’t find fish. Although Harbour Chandler staff member Cate Taylor did land her first saltwater salmon despite the rough weather.

Depth and top lures have been very mixed too. I’ve heard everything from anchovy to watermelon spoons. Jigging has worked for some, trolling for others. Although when fish are scattered I generally recommend trolling to cover territory.

This weekend is the 30th annual Silva Bay fishing derby, and unfortunately I don’t have much specific info to pass on. There are defiantly some bigger fish showing up, but until things settle down weather and tide wise and people bring me fresh reports I don’t have much to tell you. It is forecaster to blow hard for the derby, to think about sheltered places that might hold fish.

On the up side French Creek, Campbell River, and Powell River are all reporting excellent fishing. Those fish are moving our way and things will pick up when they get here.

So good luck if you are in the derby, and lets hope for less wind.

Tips up,

Stephen Vavrik

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