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Just a quick up date for what happened over the weekend.

The shallow fish moved south to Porlier Pass and the guys there did well.

The Nanaimo fish where much farther off shore and much deeper. Around 200 ft. down in 1000 ft. of water. The boats that fished a couple miles off the fingers did poorly, but the few that went farther out did very, very well. It is the quarter moon right now so typically fishing slows right down for a few days, but overall its still great for the guys who found the fish.

Yesterday and today Yo-Zuri blue cuttlefish hootchies out fished spoons. Some fisherman are experimenting with using Lucky Bug brand plugs in place of flashers. They give a really neat action and make the fight way more interesting. (See Pic Below)

Green spoons are also still producing.

Prawning and crabbing is also excellent right now. Our Staff member Bill Barbour caught a load off giant prawns, a mess of crabs to go with his Chinook.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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