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Just a quick note to say that as of today, March 12 the herring have not had a major spawn in Nanaimo.

They have been around Nanoose so they could be here any day. Or not at all, you just never know. You can jig them from boat, but not from shore so far.

If you see a spawn in Nanaimo please call the store and pass it on to me.

I hear that there have been some better sized salmon taken around Neck Point and 5 Fingers over the weekend. Gold star Coho killers are working for these feeder Chinook. I also have one report of larger 5 inch spoons working very well. This makes sense as the herring are big right now. Try any spoons with glow green and white, or glow chartreuse. Best flashers are the new double glow black.

Thrasher Rock and South to Tent Island is still very, very good for larger Chinook

We also have a small amount of the very interesting VC flashers from Finland. Check out the videos of them online that fisherman have posted. I haven’t tried one yet, but they seem to have a very cool looking action.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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