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As forecasted we are seeing Tyees in local waters. I know of several confirmed ones and several more rumored ones. There have also been lot’s of springs in the high 20’s.
Unfortunately the winds have been blowing most guys off the water, and only the very dedicated (of foolish) fisherman have been making it out. I think if the winds ever co-operate we will see some really nice fish at the dock. Big Wave Dave is forecasting calm winds for tomorrow, August the 22nd.

Entrance Island, 5-Fingers and Thrasher Rock is where the tyees have been showing up. These big fish have been taken on glow Army Truck hootchies and Oatmeal spoons.

The the other good news is that the Coho have finally arrived in big numbers. There seems to be an average of 40% clipped to 60% non-clipped. Entrance Island is the best place to target them. Try Ace Hi-Flys in purple and blue trolled on the surface. Or troll blue and purple 3” spoons such as Panic Attack or green/blue splatter back.

The Pinks are still holding around 5-Fingers in historic numbers, and showing no signs of moving into the bays. They are so numerous that they look like herring shoals on the sounder. They are getting to pretty decent size now. Make sure to double check your species I.D. before you toss back that ‘undersized Chinook’.

Tips up,
Steve V

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