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The Spring Chinook season has arrived in Georgia Straight! The weather has warmed up and the salmon are here in better numbers. The recent lucky spot is around the freighters anchored between Newcastle and Snake Island. Glow, Herring Aid Loony Spoons with Glow Green flashers. These Loony Spoons are a new twist on an old commercial style trolling spoon, and have been out fishing most other gear. I don’t know much about them yet, other than they work and are Canadian.

There are some decent legal sized fish hitting the cleaning station, although you will get a lot of undersized fish in the mix. Running a 4″-5″ plug Tomic 602 plug has been a good way of targeting larger fish. If you want to know about the history of Tomic plugs, check out my article in this months Island fishermen Magazine.

The herring are staged close to shore and the spawn is starting. There was a very light spawn 1nm south of the Big Qualicum, so the big spawns should be happening any day now. I am currently waiting on the DFO test fishery flight scheduled for today, for more information.

Prawning has been great with it opening again on March 15th in the pulse fishery locations.

Here in the store we are geared up for the season. While many overseas products are not as available as usual, we have a good supply of most products. However, waiting too long to get what you need may not be a good idea this year. We have a series of custom Trophy reels each designed by a different staff member. Mine is the Pacific Sunrise in Burnt Orange and Blue. So If you need a new reel choose mine, so I can bug Gibson that mine is more popular his. (His is the Pink one...I think)

Tips up, Stephen Vavrik

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