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Fishing is still hot all over Georgia Straight. We’ve had to wait for it, but it looks like all our fish are hear at once.

Thrasher Rock in particular has been on fire; nice sized Chinook at all depths. Professional guide Bob Myers even got two nice Springs at 10 feet while moving his boat with his gear down back to where he wanted to fish!

Five Fingers and Entrance Island are producing well too. There are Chinook, and Coho in all locations. Oddly a lot of the Coho are deeper than the Springs. 140 for Coho, 90 ft. for Springs. Also the Coho are biting on Chinook gear like Irish Cream and Pink sink Spoons. The Chinook are still mostly into hootchies in white and blue. Plain coloured spoons like Oatmeal and White Lightning are also taking Springs. And both species are taking Gibbs Bon Chovey spoons.

Lemon Lime, Moon Jelly and plain mirror flashers are your best bet.

Jigging is still working well for all salmon. As usual, low slack tide is best. And use Lil’ Nibs, Delta Half jigs and Buzz Bombs.

I haven’t heard where the Pinks currently are. Last I heard they where off Neck Point at 30ft, but if you’ve got into them feel free to let me know.

Also a heads up, we are almost out of the Berkley power mullets that are by far the best lingcod lure ever. They are out of production and just about gone. If you need one, get it soon.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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