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This years fish have arrived. The big white springs and marble springs are out on the salmon highway. These are some of my favorite salmon to catch and eat. Head out past Five Fingers to the ‘Double Bumps’ or the ‘Spoil Grounds’. If you don’t know where that is, check your chart. Spoil Grounds is marked and Double bumps are between Neck Point and the Whisky Gulf.

The fish are fairly deep, 150-200 ft down. Chartreuse spoons are working best. Once you find the fish mark the spot on your chart plotter and troll back to it. These are traveling fish heading from North to South. Most likely they are Fraser, Stave and Harrison runs, so once they reach Porlier Pass they will take a hard left turn and head for the river.

So get out while you can, and remember until DFO decides on this years regulations, we are still operating under last years. Therefore its two Chinook a day for now.

Tips up, Steve Vavrik

Chandler staff Steve Reid on April 12 2019
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