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The big bruisers are hitting the deck. French Creek and Thrasher Rock have monster springs right now.

Yesterday (Sept 10) one French Creek highliner boated four nice Chinook. A 38, 25 and two in the teens. We also heard of many similar reports at both French Creek on The Humps, and also around Thrasher Rock.

These big fish are deep, 225 down. You definitely want glow flashers, particularly classic green glow. Also UV Army Truck and Splatter Back green hootchies and Lure charge spoons. I’ve never tried the voltage tuned lures myself, but I’ve always sworn that the Betsey Flashers which do a similar thing. We have had at least four guys come into the store in the last week saying that they completely out fished all their other gear. I’m usually suspicious of new gimmicks in the fishing world, but I’m definitely going to give these a try. Basically it gives the same electric charge to a lure that black boxes do. And I knew enough old west coast trollers that believed.

Closer to home, Entrance Island has some nice Coho. Try jigging Lill Nib and Delta Half Jigs on the long reef that points toward Vancouver .

We seem to have another push of pinks coming thought the 5 Finger Isle, Hudson Rocks area. I still haven’t seen any of the first wave in Departure bay, or by the Millstone. Hopefully this next batch will hang around and give us a shore fishery.

Tips up,
Steve V

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