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We are still experiencing an unusual distribution of salmon for this time of year. Basically they are everywhere. I have heard good reports from almost all Nanaimo spots, ranging from 80 ft. to 220 ft.
The deep water (800-1000 ft.) off 5 Fingers and Gabriola is producing some large fish mostly 140 ft. down, averaging 15 lbs. but several above 30 lbs. I know one fisherman that had 6 nice ones in just one morning of fishing.
Thrasher Rock is also a great location right now, with another fisherman I know getting 8 solid fish in one trip.
Best choice for trolling lures right now are still small spoons. Most productive have been Pink Sink, Nasty Boy, Kitchen Sink and of course Killy MaGee (Killy was designed by and is exclusive to The Harbour Chandler)
Also, don’t forget hootchies in glow white, or splatter back green.
The odd thing for this time of year is we are doing well in shallow water, and close to shore. Nice springs are being caught right off Pipers Lagoon and Neck Point just like in late summer. Some have even been taken jigging in 50 ft. of water or less. This is my favorite type of fishing. A big Chinook; on light gear, in shallow water is a blast. I did very well last year doing this and it’s exciting to find fish already there. I use Lil’Nibs, McDeeps, or Delta Half Jigs (Half Jigs or designed by The Harbour Chandler Staff) for this type of fishing.
Ling Cod fishing is great right now. Here in the store we have the last of the lingcod mullets that were ever made. These are a rubber swim bait and are the best Ling and Halibut Lure we have ever seen.
We hope somebody starts making them again but at this point they are out of production, so if you need one get them while you can.
However you want to fish, get out there soon! We have the best fishing on the Island right now, so get out there take advantage of it.
Have fun,
Steve V

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