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We still have remarkably good fishing in Nanaimo; I’ve never seen anything like it in my 15 years of fishing this area. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it during my time sport fishing and working charter boats on the West Coast. I can’t give any specific recommendations because every depth, and every lure, seems to be working.

I went out for a very short trip Sunday afternoon. The weather man had lied, and the wind picked up instead of dropping off – 17knot winds are too much for a 14ft boat… Although I did get some nice fish, the biggest being 14lb. My Irish Cream spoon got snapped off by a big hit right away while I was playing a feeder sized fish. I then had another bite, and a second later a double header. Soon after a wave splashed over the transom and I decided to call it a day.

Last night and this morning some larger fish have moved in. Several in the 20’s, and one that was 25lb (confirmed). This morning nice, big, mature fish where caught 40ft out in the deep water off Five Finger Island, which is crazy shallow for around here. There has also been fish as deep as 200ft. Take you pick, either way it’s nuts.

It’s the best fishing I’ve ever seen.

Top lures are still 4″ Irish Cream, 4″ Pink Sink, 4″ Mavrik, and Jughead Shakers on green glow hootchies.

Best Flashers are any glow flasher, preferably with moon jelly. I also use the Fish Witch inline flashers as they produce less drag. I’ve been using the Fish Witch flashers for at least four years, and it’s defiantly more fun to fight a fish with them rather than a regular flasher.

I’m also hearing about record breaking catches of big Dungeness crab. So get out there and catch some dinner.

Tips up, traps down 🙂

Steve Vavrik

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