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Just a fast update, as the store is too busy to hang out on a computer.

Fishing is still absolutely great! The fish are closer to shore and sometimes very shallow. Jigging is still hot, trolling is great too. Best lure is still “Herring Aid” 3.5 spoon and Coho killers.

Coho is now open. Two clipped per day. And while there are more Chinook than I’ve ever seen in my life, the DFO has decided to reduce our daily limit to 1 for… uhhh… reasons.

I’m getting my fishing regulation updates from Island Fisherman Magazine. He’s a link to a article that explains the rules change.   (Also check out my article underneath it).

Ling fishing is good, and I’m even seeing a lot more Rockfish in areas I don’t normally see them. Although, I encourage all fisherman to avoid Rockfish in Georgia straight as they are’t doing too well populations wise.

Tips up,

Stephen Vavrik


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