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As many of you will know by now B.C. Conservation Officers have confirmed the catching of two Red Bellied Piranhas in Nanaimo’s West Wood Lake.

We at The Harbour Chandler we would like to assure local fishermen that we have all the tackle you might need to enjoy this exciting new fishing opportunity. While I have yet to confirm what type of lures where used at West Wood, our tackle experts have researched the best ways to attract these tasty, feisty fish. Any shiny casting spoon or jig will work. But only use metal ones, as soft rubber lures get bitten off.  Stainless steel leaders are also mandatory.

Nanaimo based tackle manufacturer John at L’il ‘Nib lures is said to be working on a prototype West Coast Piranha jig. Another proven method is using fresh meat suspended under a bobber, as well as chumming the water with meat/blood. Piranhas are also attracted to splashing in the water, so perhaps fishing near the children’s swimming area may prove to be effective. If there are no children swimming try to convince a few to at least wade and splash around a bit….but don’t tell their Moms why.

Remember Piranhas have very sharp teeth to always use the Mustad Lip Grabber (on sale now) when handling them.

As yet I have no recipes for Piranha, but as our Bradley Smokers are on sale. So I suggest smoking them with the new Bradley ginger sesame flavored wood smoker pucks.

Keep Your Tip up, Stephen Vavrik



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