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The Nanaimo salmon fishing season has started!
The large schools of salmon that were up near Campbell River/Comox have started moving into the Nanaimo area.
These are the big white springs and are my favorite fish of the year. With more fat than the red springs, they stay moist on the BBQ and are delicious. Best of all, these salmon are aggressive feeders and when you find their location getting your limit is very possible.

Some fish are available close to shore around the ‘double bumps’. True to form the majority are fairly far out in the straights on the ‘salmon highway’. Head out until you are in 1000ft of water and troll at about 180ft down.

As there are still mature herring in the area, the most productive lures are large spoons behind a glow flasher. 5” Nasty boy, Irish Cream, and Cop Car. Also, from the Harbour Chandler custom made department, Killy Magee, Canuck and Mavrik are tacking fish.

We also have a limited quantity of brand new, un-named custom spoons that have yet to see the water. Come in, check them out and help us figure out what to call them.

Nanaimo prawning is open again with good catches coming in from all the usual locations. Try to get the traps out soon before the commercial openings.

Good luck on the water, and be sure to get out ASAP to take advantage of this run of early big whites. It can be the most productive time of the salmon season.
Steve V

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