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Many nice fish were caught off Neck Point, just north of Five Finger yesterday. Trolling in 500′ of water, 130′ down. “Irish cream”, and “Homeland security” took a lot of fish. One interesting lure variation that was working for a local ‘top rod’ was; a larger cop car spoon for a mix of white and red springs.

At lease three distinctly different runs of Chinook are schooling in this area at the moment. Possibly some have continued on to the East side of Gabriola, but I don’t have any reports from there yet.

Please email if you have a report for me for this or any other area.

Also, if you like reading these reports, and purchase gear based on what I post, please let our owners know. This reports take me away from other duties, and we need to know if its generating sales.

You can email Matt at or let Leigh and Denise know if you see them in the store.

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Keep your tips up, and your (cannon) balls down,

Steve Vavrik

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