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Here is a short update for local waters.

More Red Springs are being taken near Five Fingers Island at 140-180ft. These fish are closer to shore than we typically see for this time of year. Likely the big herring spawn/hatch is what’s drawing them in. This is great for guys with small boats like myself.

The best lures are again our custom made Pink Eye and Pink Party spoons. Also Glow Green or bloody nose (glow & red) Teaser Heads with fire cracker anchovies. A good alternative to real bait are the Baitrix artificial bait fished close to the bottom. I would add herring scent to them too. I actually scent all my lures with herring or anchovy scent. I strongly believe using scent has contributed to the increase in success I’ve had in the last 5 years

The flashers to use right now are green glow or red glow.

Further south towards Ladysmith and Chemainus I have seen some excellent reports of nice 14-15lb Springs some taken at the nice shallow depth of 100ft! Best spoons are Cookies n’ Cream, and POPs.

To the North of us it has slowed down in Campbell River, but the Comox and Deep Bay fisherman have been having a sudden surge of success. Therefore, this group of fish is probably on its way to join the others we are seeing in our waters. Hopefully the big herring hatch will keep them all here gaining weight for the summer; just like last time we had a big herring year.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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