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The wind has finally calmed down and fishing is great. If you are at home reading this get off you computer and onto your boat!

Big Springs are being taken at all the normal locations. For the last week French Creek, Five Fingers, Entrance, and Thrasher have all produced large fish in the high 20’s and some tyees. Also, unconfirmed rumors of a very large Chinook (high 30’s) from French Creek.

The West Coast is also finally seeing some good days. Gold Coho killers, and “Funky Chicken” spoons have been working in Barkley and Nootka. But the water is very warm, so the fish are deeper than normal.

Locally, the fish are a little shallower (80-140ft). Best lures have been “White lightning”, Oatmeal spoons, Cop Car, and White or Blue hootchies.

For flashers, at this time of year I switch from “Glow Greens” to “Purple Onion” or “Purple Haze” and if fishing shallow (under 120ft) I use mirror flashers.

Jigging for salmon is also very good. So if you don’t have down riggers right now is your opportunity. Use Lil’ Nibs, Half Jigs or Buzz bombs.

The Pinks Salmon are also in in big numbers. They are not in the Bay yet (as far as I know) but there are large schools off Neck Point at 30 ft. Target them with sockeye gear.

It’s Tuna gear up time. With the warm water on the west coast it could be a great year for Tuna. In my opinion, Tuna are the ultimate BC game fish. Nothing can fight like a Tuna, and we have all the gear and info you need. So if this interests you come down and have a chat with Dane. He’s our most knowledgeable tuna fisherman.

Whatever fishing you do, its time to get out and do it.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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