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Marbled Chinook are not red and not white meat, but a neat mix of the two. Their flesh has distinctive bands of pink and white. Very interesting, very pretty and very tasty.

We normally see them in deep water, far out past the Fingers in May. However, right now we have some going past Nanaimo out in their usual location. So their usual location in know as the double bumps. (Please note, on some chart plotters it show as a single bump) Look for the spot way out past 5 Fingers where the water shallows from 1000ft to 800ft. There is only one spot like this, it’s about a mile past the fingers towards the southern Tip of Texada. Its a odd little area that often holds fish when nowhere else does. Its hard to find, but worth it. The fish are 140ft down. and hitting on Irish Cream and Homeland Security spoons. Homeland has been so good this year that we have even got some cannon balls in Homeland colours. Pro-Tip, use coloured cannon balls as an additional attractant.

Coho and smaller Chinook fishing is still strong inshore. Pink Sink spoons and Coho Killers, White rainbow, and Blue Meanie hootchies, also Footloose and Mirror flashers are best for the shallower closer to shore fishery.

Tips Up,

Steve Vavrik

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