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Herring season is hitting the East Coast of Vancouver Island. There has been a big spawn off French Creak and Qualicum. They could be in Nanaimo any day.  I’m watching the commercial herring fleet on and they are fishing right off French Creek right now March 4th at 9am.

The numbers look really good this year, plus we have those anchovies to the south of us holding  those big schools of salmon in that area.

I’ve got my herring jigs ready, and hopefully will get a chance to go get some Tuesday or Wednesday. I catch them for bait, and more importantly for their delicious eggs. I pan fry them in butter with garlic powder and serve on toast. They are a great traditional spring meal.

On the salmon fishing front, its okay in front of Nanaimo, with a few decent fish being caught deep off Neck Point. Down at Thrasher Rock and South to Valdez Island the fishing is very hot. There are lots of good mid teen chinook and they are feeding aggressively. They are deep and close to the bottom. The best lures have been normal gear like Irish Cream spoon, our new Two Faced spoons, and green and white small hootchies. We also have a small amount of the new Big Eye spoons from lighthouse lures.  Initial reports are they are working very well. They have nice colours and an interesting bend. I haven’t got to try one yet, but customers are reporting they are good.

Up in the Winchelsea there are loads of bigger then average Coho. Remember Coho is not open yet, but this is pointing to a excellent Coho fishery this season.

So as the snow has finally melted, get ready for a fast start to the season. April is looking very good for Salmon fishing in Georgia Straight.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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