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Gold is not a colour that normally gests used around Georgia Straight. Silver for the East side, Gold for the West side is normally the rule for Vancouver Island. However Gold Coho Killers with a Silver Betsy flasher seems to be working right now. In fact Coho Killers in general are doing well.

I was out yesterday afternoon and got one keeper off 5 Finger Island. 3″ Mavrik spoon and Silver Betsy flasher, with at about 80ft.

It had crab larva in its gut, so maybe a tiny clear hootchies with little dots might work right now.

I missed the bite and was only fishing one rod as I had my 3 year old with me, and keeping it simple with her is the best plan. She had a blast, lasted 4 hours and wanted to stay out!

I tried in close to Neck but there was way too much sea weed in the water. There was some decent looking bait balls, but it was unfishable with all the weeds. there was less weeds farther out.

Crabbing was stellar. We pulled up mare than our limit so ended up tossing back several legal Dungeness. Herring for bait.

On the down side my trailer from cracked when I put my boat back on it. I made it home, but if anyone has a trailer for a 14ft boat for sale let me know….

Tips up, Butts down.

Steve Vavrik

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