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Entrance Island and The Cannery are producing really nice spring salmon right now. Lot’s of 20+ pound fish. One customer came in today saying 3 springs over 20 lbs., and a dozen Pinks all in 1 hour at 80-140 ft. down. All on 3” pink sink spoon. I also hear Supertackle 3” hootchie #157 is doing very well.
The schools of Pink Salmon keep moving in to our area in huge numbers. Get out and catch some for the smoker, as the river won’t be able to hold the numbers that are going to try to spawn. Target them with pink sockeye hootchies.
Jigging little nibs and Delta half jigs over shallow reefs is working when trolling is not. Sometimes you need to mix it up. Last year at about this time my boat got towed for 15 min by a big, big spring at 5-Fingers while jigging a chartreus little nib.
If you want lingcod, we are running out of the mullet jigs. They are no longer being made, and are the best lingcod/hali lure we have ever seen.
Cheers, Steve V

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