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We are beginning to see a real big push of mature Chinook in the Nanaimo area. They are coming in tight to shore following structure, and will start feeding aggressively with the weather change and low pressure system that is rolling in. Now is the time to get your trophy spring for the year. We typically see this run sometimes from Mid August to Mid September, and it is not to be missed.
Dane, our Tackle department manager has boated at least one spring in the mid-twenties last night, and it was noticed his boat was out again this morning. I have head of quite a few other larger springs caught in the last 24 hrs.
At this time year I normally get rid of the green glow flashers and switch to purple onion, purple haze, and Kinetic U.V. blades. Don’t tell anyone, but Dane only uses plain mirror flashers at this point in the season.
There are also still loads and loads of pinks. They are holding fairly deep and far out. As yet I’ve heard nothing to indicate they are heading to the beach. To target them use anything you have with a fishing hook attached. I’m confident you can take them with a 12” plug right now…
There are also some Sockeye showing up off Nanaimo. Remember they are currently closed this year in our area. On an unrelated matter, this year I have noticed a much larger Fisheries presence both at the dock and on the water. It’s nice to see the Officers patrolling, and not having to foot the gas bill themselves.

Think fishy,
Steve V

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