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My apologies for not reporting for the last couple weeks as I was out fishing. Remember, ‘if all your fishing buddies are not at home at the same time, you might want to see if your trucks are all at the boat launch’.

The fishing in the Nanaimo area is on fire. We have Chinook, Coho, Pinks, Halibut, and Lingcod coming in right now.
Big springs can be found at all depths. Entrance Island, Whalebone and Thrasher Rock are the best bets. Lot’s of nice fish above 20 pounds, and one long lime local fisherman brought in a 36 pounder (pics coming.)
Also near Entrance Island Kevin (our downrigger repair expert) caught and released several Coho, including an 8 pounder. He also brought in some nice Chinook. All on yellow tail spoon.
There are also some fish in tighter to shore if you only have a small boat.
Best lures (right now) for these big Springs are:
firecracker anchovies with green/chartreus heads
small spoons: Killy Magee, Bob Marley, Yellow Tail are doing well. Also try 3.5” coyotes in green, glow, chartreus tiger pattern, and one of our new custom spoons, known as “Oatmeal” image below.
There have also been several nice halibut caught around entrance. Predator charters brought in a 38 pounder from that area.


Steve V

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