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The fish are deep! I am getting reports of good fishing 200 ft. down and deeper on small 3” Green glow and Pink sink spoons. So if you have a new digital scotty, or at least braided line and a 15 lb. cannon ball then you can reach them. If you have steel line on your downrigger and a 12 lb. ball then you are probably not going to do well until some shallower running fish show up.
The good news is a lot of shallower running fish are passing the Winchelsea Islands on there way to their Nanaimo feeding grounds. There will be a lot of large Chinooks in this group of fish. I expect to see a few tyees in the coming week. This is perfect timing for the 27th annual Silva Bay Derby. I wish I had the day off to go in the derby as the prizes are impressive. A 9.9 hp Yamaha outboard and a Lowrance HDS9. So if anyone wants to cover some shifts at the Chandler let me know!
If I was going in the derby, I’d fish a Pink Sink or Mavrik 3” spoon at 220 ft. on one side, probably with a Chili Pepper, or Green Glow flasher. And on the other side either small anchovies on green glow heads, or possibly a 639 plug.
Good luck to everyone in the derby,

Steve V

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