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The late season salmon are here. The winds have calmed and it’s a lovely time to be on the water. There are large Chinook moving through our waters. I saw a picture of a beautiful crome 33lb caught off Thrasher this week.

The rain has got them moving towards the river so they are not holding in any specific location for long. However, as one school leaves another moves in.

Slow your troll and extend your leaders to target these big late season fish. Blue and White hootchies are still good, but I like to switch to really obnoxious coloured gear for this time of year. Halloween (Black/Orange) and Trapper spoons are two of my fall fishing favorites. On the West Coast I’d use gold coloured gear, and large slow plugs. Normally I don’t use plugs around here (except at French Creek) but I wouldn’t be surprised if a big ugly plug worked.


Steve Vavrik

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