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The salt water salmon season is winding down, but there are still fish to be had. Guys have been getting their limits of hatchery Coho around the fingers. They are very deep, 180 ft or so. There are also huge schools of anchovies for the first time in decades. They are eating krill, and the Coho are eating the anchovies and the krill. Pink sink spoons have been working, but I suspect a pink sockeye hootchie would work well on them.

The Pink salmon are still being caught in Departure Bay, but outside of the Bay is now closed now for retention of Pink Salmon.

Also Halibut is closed coast wide as the yearly quota has been used up.

Ling cod fishing is still good, but will be closing at the end of the month. We have the new lighthouse lures Max Shad that are great for ling (and halibut). As with all swim baits, if you are using one, don’t jig it. You have to make it swim. Either by letting the current move it, or slowly motoring over the reef.

Prawning and crabbing are still very, very good. So get out and get your prawns before the fall storms roll in.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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