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Entrance Island has been on fire for the last couple weeks. There have been large schools of actively feeding Chinook and Coho. There have been decent fish averaging high teens, but also many larger ones up to 30 lbs. Best locations has been the far (East) side of Entrance island reef. Five Finger Island is also producing nice fish. In either location trolling at 150-200ft or jig the bait balls. I haven’t heard too much from Pollier Pass, but these Nanaimo fish should be heading in that direction eventually.

For trolling best lures have been blue meanie spoon, (AKA Harbour Chandler Custom 2018 #2) or blue meanie hootchie. Irish cream spoon is also hot. Interestingly green 5″ plugs have also been working if you want to fish a bit shallower. Personally I love fishing plugs, so this is good news to me.

Some fish have moved close to shore at Rocky Point. So if you don’t have a boat head there with a large spinning rod and cast jigs. I favour the Lil’ Nib, Delta Half Jig, and the venerable Buzz Bomb for this type of fishing.  All of these jigs are designed by Vancouver Island Fisherman. For an in-depth explanation of jigging for salmon read my article in the August edition of Island Fisherman Magazine.

One thing I’d like to suggest is if you are jigging,  have a Rock Fish descender device on board. I was out last week jigging the Fingers on my dads boat and we didn’t have one aboard. Seeing released Rock Fish pop back to the surface is not a good feeling. Particularly with kids on board, when I’m trying to explain conservation to them. At least now we have the technology to release these fish in such a way as they live. There are several brand, ranging from $12 to $79 in price. I’m sure we have one that will fit your budget. It feels good to give our fish a break.

Tips up, Steve Vavrik

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