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While we do carry everything you need to winterize your vessel, now is not the time.

Right now we have big schools of Coho and Chum salmon all around 5-Finger Island. The Coho are deep, the Chums are shallow and there are lots of both of them.

For the Coho fish White Lightning spoons and double glow green hootchies with green glow flashers at 125ft. Use short leaders and troll fast.

For the Chum fish the surface with pink and blue Squirts, or blue splatter back or purple Ace Hi Flys with UV flashers. You should see the schools right on the top, just look for the jumpers.

Despite the big run we get up the Nanaimo River few people target Chum here. Some people even claim that they don’t bite South of Seymour Narrows. To me this sounds like the old line about Sockeye not taking lures. Perhaps some guys are trying to keep all the fun for themselves. I know several Nanaimo fisherman that target Chums quite successfully every year.

These fish are an underutilized resource, especially considering that they are a Chinook sized salmon that fights like a Coho. If you want a workout try reeling in a few Chums. I’m also told that they were the salmon preferred by west coast natives for smoking. So get out there have fun and then fire up your smoker.

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