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It’s almost Coho season on the coast, and it’s looking like the best one we’ve had since the blue-back fishery ended in the mid 1990’s. Last weekend I had costumers complaining that they can’t get past the Coho to catch any Chinook. In my mind that’s not the worst problem to have. Especially as Coho should open up on June 1st. That is the historical opening date, although DFO has not posted anything yet. I know that there will be a lot more clipped fish due to the good work of our fish hatchery volunteers.

So get your Coho gear dusted off. Traditionally blue spoons and hootchies are considered Coho lures. We also have a selection of beautiful classic buck-tails from Peetz. I haven’t seen anyone actually buck-tailing for years, but it’s one of the most fun ways to fish for salmon. Getting to see the fish take the lure on the surface is always fun.

Our Chinook fishing is still going strong. Try to fish at least one tide change to assure you are out there for ‘the bite’. And if you aren’t getting fish change location. Best lures have been silver knight super yellow tail, and our new awesome silver knight super Herring Aid. (I love this new spoon. It’s the nicest new colour pattern I’ve seen in a long time).

Many Chinook have moved in closer to shore so the small boats, and fishermen without down riggers can now access them. Jigging is now very productive in the usual locations. Basically look for birds feeding on bait-balls and jig lures like L‘il Nib, Delta Half Jig, or ‘sasin jigs. Don’t be afraid to fish in water as shallow as 45ft. The Harbour Chandlers own Dane Christensen
(technically his 6 year old caught the fish) tubed out his boat jigging in 20 ft of water off Neck Point. I also have a report from our former employee Shea O’Grady fishing around 5 Fingers. He says he got his limit and released a lot of fish just using slip weights and Peetz Tropic Thunder Hookum spoon.

Tips up, Stephen Vavrik

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