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Local catch and release fishermen are doing very well off Nanaimo. There are loads of mid-sized Chinook passing by right now. They are not too deep and closer to shore now. Try Five Fingers instead of heading all the way out to Spoil Grounds or Double Bumps.

Best lure has been Herring Aid Spoon with a Betsy Flasher.

Coho should open up on June first. Finally giving local fishermen something for the BBQ.

Lingcod fishing has been excellent out at Entrance Island, with swim-baits being by far the best lure. Remember, rock fish descending devices are now mandatory.

Also, I did get to talk to the guy that caught the snow crab. It is a type of snow crab. It was a female with eggs, and he did release it. It was caught at around 200 feet on the East Side of Valdez Island. Very interesting.

Tips up, Stephen Vavrik

A Nice Chrome Chinook Pic sent in this morning from a customer.
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