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While the local Chinook fishery has been spotty for a few days (for most people) the coho fishing has been great. While coho move around a lot, the best locations have been 5 Fingers and Entrance Island. Coho are my favorite salmon to fish for, and to eat. Most small spoons work for them,Maverick spoon is my favorite. However if you want to really have fun try buck-tailing for them. We have a small amount of high end polar bear hair buck-tails. These are hard to find, so if you like buck-tails get them while you can.

There are large Chinook around, but they have moved into shallow areas close to structure.Yesterday I set up a customer that’s just getting into saltwater fishing. I sold him jigging gear and sent him to the Fingers. He was back at the store with a 20 lb Chinook by closing time.

So try trolling or jigging in shallower water, tight to shore. Also, as the season progresses and the fish begin to colour up, change your flashers to purples and golds. I try to match the flasher to the colour of the salmon.

Pinks, and Sockeye  have also been showing up in our waters. Use small pink hootchies for them, but check local regulations for Sockeye openings.

French creek is reporting great fishing for large springs. Try the French creek special hootchie. Which is a purple haze octopus hootchie with pink haze needle fish hootchie inside of it.

The west coast is hot right now too. I’m hearing great reports from Bamfield and Ucluelet.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik



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