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It’s Coho Season in Georgia Straight! They are larger than normal, averaging around 4-7 pounds. As they move around, they can be a challenge to find, but are voracious biters when you do find them. I just use a Chinook spoon that have blue and green on it, and fish shallow.

Chinook fishing is up and down, some days are great and some days are slow. Although, it’s getting progressively better each and every week. The average size is decent, around 15-25 pounds.

The best locations have been Silva Bay, The Grande, and Thrasher Rock. The most productive lures have been, Bob Marley, Irish Cream, and Razor Back spoons. Also, anchovies brine’d in the green pro-cure, and blue hootchies.

Jigging has really picked up, and is actually out producing trolling in some locations. Use Little, Nibs, Delta Half Jigs, and Mac Deeps. I tend to look for bait balls and underwater reefs, then I jig on the down current side.

I hear sockeye is open in Alberni. I’m not sure how long the opening will be, as the DFO website is less than user friendly. If it stays open, we have all the normal sockeye gear, plus some interesting innovative stuff like Rolly Blade flashers and Maruto U.V. pink hooks with “cheater barbs.” (Note they are not actually barbs)

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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