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There are larger Chinook showing up off Nanaimo. Just as we have been limited to one fish, these bigger salmon have showed up right on cue. So don’t bonk that 10 pounder you catch right at the beginning of your fishing trip (unless its a bleeder), or else you might be releasing an 18 pounder later in the day, just like HC Staff member Dane had to. Remember to be gentle with fish you are releasing. We have soft mess nets in stock to facilitate this, or, better yet, don’t even net them.

Jigging has slowed a little bit as the herring have moved out of the shallow waters due to a crab larva hatch. The Chinook have returned to normal depths, so trolling is now the best bet. I’ve had great reports for a new Gold Star spoon (part number 429), currently know as UV Neon-Black/Aqua/Chart/Gold (We will be re-naming it. Gold Star typically picks up on our names and starts labeling the lures). For now, just ask us for the new Gold spoon from Gold Star. Our new HC Staff member Robyn did well with it for Coho, and others are nailing springs with it.

If you want to avoid Coho in order to target Chinook, we have a new line of Silver Horde Plugs in sweet modern colours. I love running plugs, even if they are often less effective than a small spoon – they just seem to bring in bigger fish for me. Plus, having no flasher is a great, fun way to catch fish.

We got another shipment of the awesome Westin swim baits from Denmark. The rubber rock cod ones, and founder ones are proving very, very effective for Lingcod out at Entrance Island.

Also a big thank you to all the people that sent me pictures of white springs, and fish pictures in general. And if you have a nice fish picture and want me to post it, send it to

Tips up, Steve Vavrik


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