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Nanaimo fisherman are reporting mixed results, but some big fish are coming in. The best Chinook are in tight and shallow. Trolling 200ft down in 1000ft of water is not the best plan right now. Get in close to shore and structure, and try there. Best lures are Wee G’s and Coho Killers (ignore the name, they slay Chinook) Multiple colours are working so I think its more the size and action that is making them so productive. I have a couple customers reporting good success with small plugs. As for flashers, Green Footloose is probably the most effective right now.

The Coho are moving around in big schools. If you find one expect lots of action. To target them shorten up your leaders, and troll faster. I like blue spoons, and blue chrome flashers for Coho.

Also a heads up, bait fisherman. The Dog Fish have moved into local waters. It’s time to switch to artificial lures.

A final heads up, if you think you are catching Sockeye with white gums and spots on them, at 140ft on green hootchies I’d suggest a refresher on salmon identification is needed.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik


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