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Five Finger Island was incredible this week for big springs. I have multiple reports from people saying it was one of their best fishing days in a lone time. (and that’s saying something considering how many good days we’ve had this year). Many large Chinook and lots of coho are feeding on small herring in the area. These fish are slowly moving from the Fingers, to Entrance Island and then to Thrasher Rock.

Trolling was great, from 140-220 ft. Small spoons, or small anchovies were working. Blue or Green Footloose flasher with mini Big eye spoons and Coho killers produced the most fish. Jigging started working in the evening once the wind dropped. I haven’t talked to anyone that went to Entrance Island yesterday, so if you did send me a report.

Polier Pass is reporting slower fishing, but I except it to heat up as the fish here move South.

Also the Pinks Salmon have arrived, with several being caught off the Fingers.

Tips up,

Steve V

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