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There are plenty of fish out there, just pick a depth, any depth and there will be fish.

There are Chinook at 5 Fingers and Entrance Island from 50 ft. to 200ft. Coho everywhere from 0ft to 150ft. Pinks are starting to show off Hudson rocks at 20-30ft. Target all salmon species with pink sockeye hootchies. Or if you want more Chinook and Coho, troll Irish Mint hootchies. Pro tip cut 1 inch off the hootchies arms. Pink Sink spoon would also target all of these salmon species. Lemon lime Guide Series flasher are by far the best right now for local waters.

The only problem right now is the wind. We are finally transitioning to typical summer high pressure systems but that means wind until it settles down.

In Alberni there is another big push of sockeye coming in. All reports are that this batch is exceptionally large for Sockeye. My dad sent me a picture of one, and I needed him to clarify that it was in fact a sockeye. We have daisy chain flashers in for Sockeye fishing. As Sockeye are a schooling fish you can get the whole school to follow a daisy chain if you leave it down. In fact if you are clever you can have that school follow you away from the other boats…

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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