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Just a reminder, the Vancouver Boat Show has arrived. Feb 6th-10th. Check us out in booth 188. As usual most deals available there will be matched here in the store.

Fishing is still simpler to my last post. The salmon keep moving around following the herring. Thrasher Rock and Tent Island are still excellent. Entrance Island and Five fingers are picking up. The fish are mostly still close to the bottom, but some have been taken shallower.

The best lure this week has been the ‘Silver Knight Super Pearl UV Chartreuse Spatter Back’ (this lure need a shorter name). I would pair it with a Chartreuse/glow flasher.

I heard of quite a few Orca sightings last week to.

Prawning is still better than great.

Tips up, Stephen Vavrik

The Vancouver Boat Show is Happening Soon!

The Vancouver Boat Show is Happening Soon!

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