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While many fishermen have hung up their gear for the season there are still opportunities out there.

The recent rains did not end the Nanaimo Chinook Fisheries. I’m hearing good results around Hudson Rock and Pipers Lagoon Bluff for large Chinook. Jigging Pink/Chrome Gomoku Jigs have been best, but trolling tight to shore is still working. These fish are averaging in the mid-20’s so get out there while they are still here.

This is the same area that the Chum Salmon should be schooling at in a couple weeks. They are the hardest fishing salmon and thus provide excellent sport. We gust received a shipment of Chum gear, so swing by if you are interested in learning about this underutilized fishery.

Prawning and crabbing are both still going strong. Lingcod and Rockfish both close at the end of this month.

The West Coast Tuna Fisheries is great this year. The fish are closer to land than I’ve ever heard of. I’m hearing as close as 27 nautical miles off Ucluelet, so basically on the edge of Big Bank. If you have a tuna trip on your bucket list, now is the time. And yes, we have all the gear and knowledge necessary to set you up.

Tips up, Steve Vavrik


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