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Coho has opened and Georgia Straight fishermen are finally able to retain salmon!

The current limit is 2 hatchery Coho, 12 inches are larger. The only issue is there are so many big Chinook also in our area that you may have trouble getting your gear past them. There are huge bait balls around The Fingers and Neck Point drawing in all the salmon. Coho Killers in Gold/Silver and Jughead Nano Squirts in UV Pink paired with UV Lemon Lime Flasher did well at 90 feet yesterday. Keep your leaders short and clip your line closer to the than cannonball than with Springs.

We also have a limited stock of polar bear hair buck-tails. If you find shallow fish buck-tailing for them is a blast.

Sockey fishing in Alberni, as well as Chinook fishing in Barkley sound has started. Try Mini Sardine hootchie in Pink, Purple, Black and In-Line or daisy chain style flashers for Sockey fishing.

Tips up, Stephen Vavrik

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The Vancouver Boat Show is Happening Soon!

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