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Exciting news released last week!!! Starting Nov 1st till midnight Dec 31, Coho Salmon is open on the Nanaimo River. According to Fisheries notice #FN1112, a daily limit of 2 hatchery (marked, no adipose fin) Coho may be kept. Coho must be over 25 cm (9.8 inches) and caught in the river between Cedar Road Bridge and the Highway 1 Overpass. Make sure you are using barbless hooks and have a NON-TIDAL water fishing license. Twitching Jigs have become very popular and very effective while river fishing, cast them out, let them hit bottom, give them a jerk, reel in slack and repeat. Popular jigs are Glow After Hours, Glow Bad Smurf and Glow Intruder.

Make sure to stop by the Nanaimo River Fish Hatchery this Sunday Nov 3rd (10am till 3pm) for their annual garage sale.

Good Luck and Get Fishing

Tim Wicks

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The Vancouver Boat Show is Happening Soon!

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