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This seasons winter fishery for feeder Chinook has been very good. We continue to have the higher numbers of Chinook in Georgia Straight that we’ve been seeing for the last few years. I’ve had a few confirmed fish in the high teens being caught since December. The average size is more like 8 pounds, but the big guys are out there. Last month the best fishing was over on the Seaschelt side, but it know looks like things have picked up on our side. Porlier Pass and Tent Island have been the best locations locally, but I’d expect there to be fish off Gabriola and Valdeez as well.

Best lures have been Herring Aid teaser heads, green glow spoons, and T-Rex hootchies all fished right on the bottom. Use double glow flashers and scent as its dark down there.

Prawning is unbelievably good right now. Several fishermen have told me that they’ve been catching 600-1000 prawns above their limit. Try to count fast so you can quickly release the extra ones.

Tips up, Steve Vavrik

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