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Spring has sprung and boats are on the water.

On the herring front I was told there is a small spawn going on this morning (March 23) off Rocky Point. This is good news for Nanaimo fisherman as it will bring and hold fish in our area.

As for Chinook fishing, South of Thrasher Rock it has slowed down. There are still fish, just not as many big mature ones. Here in Nanaimo its not super hot, but some people are doing well.  New to our area fisherman Mark Myres out fished all the locals with three nice springs caught off Neck Point. As usual for this time of year they were deep around the 400 ft contour line. Green glow Coho killers and chartrues teaser heads did the damage, with glow flashers. What is very interesting is that one of them was a white/marble spring. This is the first of the big white springs I’ve heard of so far this year.

As I’ve said before, these are my favorite type of salmon for eating quality. They are richer and fattier than other salmon and while they don’t freeze well, they are the best to eat fresh on the BBQ. If they are already starting to show up then it bodes well for an early jump to this season. Get your boat ready for April.

Also a heads up, we have the coolest new rubber ling cod lures from Denmark in flatfish and rock fish shapes. There is very limited stock and availability on these.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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