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Seasons greetings, I’m back in town after a nice vacation, and it looks like the Winter Springs arrived while I was gone. Four guys I know nailed 14-15 pound Chinook this weekend. Some got their limits, with a mix of smaller fish. All where fishing fairly deep, right on the bottom in 180-200ft of water. Glow green spoons and hootchies or chartreuse glow lures like T-Rex ruled. Also Pink Sink spoon nailed some of the bigger fish. The East side of Gabriola, (waterfall area) and the ‘milk run’ off Neck point are your best bets.

So get out while the weather permits and catch a nice fat winter spring for Christmas dinner. I’d rather have that than turkey any day!

The forecast for the rest of the year seems very promising.  We have a lot of bait in Georgia straight this year so the fish are bigger than usual, and more fish are holding in the Straight instead of migrating into the open pacific to find food. Even the immature Coho seem to be sticking around. If they do we may get our first blue back fishery in 25 years. There will also be a lot more clipped Coho this year, as more volunteers have been helping the hatcheries out with that. (A big thank you to anyone that volunteers at the Nanaimo Hatcheries.)

Prawning is also very hot. Although the individual prawns not as big as they could be, there are loads of them. Crabbing is excellent as always.

So Merry Christmas to everyone, you’ll hear more from me in the new year.

And remember, tips up.Steve Vavrik

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