• ANDERSEN WINCH #18ST 1-SPEED Stainless Steel 503-AN2018010000

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    ANDERSEN WINCH #18ST 1-SPEED Stainless Steel 503-AN2018010000


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    Product Description

    Manufactured in stainless steel, they all feature the Power Rib to facilitate winching in any conditions and circumstances.



    Product Description

    Manufactured in stainless steel, they all feature the Power Rib to facilitate winching in any conditions and circumstances.



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    All ANDERSEN Winches feature stainless steel Power Rib© drums that ensure a smooth surface and a corrosion-free winch that is built to last. ANDERSEN Self-Tailing Winches© extend the service life of your sheets and halyards and the winch itself, since the Power Rib and the smooth surface of the drum require fewer turns compared to other winches. In addition, the self-tailing device is designed to accommodate a number of different of sheet and halyard sizes enabling the winch to serve many different purposes and providing you with a range of products to choose from, no matter what you sail.


    • Drive shaft of stainless AISI 329 (SIS 2324)
    • Adjustable self tailing arm through 360 degrees (not on 12ST, 28ST)
    • The self tailing arm is curved to give a fair lead - due to the holding power on drum the friction is minimized.
    • Stainless steel bail bearing to carry vertical and horizontal loads from drum.
    • The upper bail bearing and the lower roller bearing cage are designed to have the maximum distance apart giving increased support for the drum while increasing efficiency.
    • Large diameter roller bearing to absorb drum loads and increase efficiency.
    • Easy service with captive pawls and springs.
    • Pawls made from cold pressed stainless steel bar 316 (SIS2343) which gives unbreakable pawls.
    • Coiled spring extends the lifetime of the spring considerably.
    • Base plate is made from aluminum bronze which is twice as strong as standard bronze giving a light, stiff and strong construction which again increases efficiency.
    • The self tailing system adjusts automatically to suit various rope sizes.
    • Lightweight stainless steel drum with POWER RIB gives superior grip on the sheet without causing excessive wear.
    • Drum surface with POWER RIB generates horizontal friction and a highly polished surface minimizes vertical friction, allowing rope to slide easily upward the drum.
    • Lightweight stainless steel drum, combined with the internal construction of aluminum bronze, results in the ANDERSEN winch being of similar or less weight than an aluminum winch.
    • Due to the materials used in the winch service is only required every second year under normal use.
    Winch Model: 18 ST
    Drum (mm): 70
    Base (mm): 120
    Height (mm): 136
    Line Entry (mm): 50
    Line Size (mm): 8-14
    Weight (kg): 3.3
    Gear Ratio 1st speed: 2.6:1
    Gear Ratio 2nd speed: n/a
    Power Ratio 1st speed: 18.8:1
    Power Ratio 2nd speed: n/a
    Art. no. Standard: 2018000000
    Service Kit: Kit 18
    Manual: 18ST ver. 1.0

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