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Limiting out on Chinook with a side of Halibut!

The Harbour Chandler - Friday, May 15, 2015

Limiting out on Chinook with a side of Halibut!
   For the last couple weeks we have had wonderful salmon fishing in the Nanaimo area. Many fisherman are limiting out on nice sized Chinook. Averaging around 15lb-18lbs, but lots in the 20lb+ as well as quite a few tyees. 
Top producing lures are anchovies and small spoons to match the herring hatch. Best spoons are Irish Cream, Killy Magee and Yellow Tail/No bananas patterns. 
In close to shore green splatter back hootchies are also working well. Don’t forget to put scent on your artificial lures. 
Out in the deeper water there are vast schools of Pollock (AKA Pacific Cod) that are causing fisherman grief. Check your gear often, as you will rarely see these guys take the bait.
Interestingly enough many of the large springs have had Pollock in their stomachs, so trolling a large brown hootchie might be a good idea. Also if you get a Pollock that’s big enough they make great fish and chips. 
Speaking of fish and chips there was a nice halibut taken on salmon gear in the Neck Point area. I know if at least half a dozen caught by accident on salmon lures in this area, as well as several from the east side of Gabriola and Thrasher Rock area. 
Ling and rock cod opened May 1st. Last year was the best Lingcod season in decades. Lets hope it continues. Fisherman should consider releasing large lingcod, as the big ones (25lbs+) are all breading females. Also the quality of the meat in the big old ones is not as good anyway. 
Prawning and crabbing reports are still strong.
If you want a break from fishing there have been several sightings of a large pod of Orcas feeding around five Finger and Entrance Island. 

See you on the water,
Steve V

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