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Fishing Report for August 28th Halibut and many Salmon

Fishing Department - Friday, August 28, 2015

Fishing Report 
for August 28th
Halibut and many Salmon
  Harbour Chandler regular and local prawn whisperer Ted McKinney joined the Nanaimo Halibut club with a nice 20 something pound chicken hali. It was caught at an undisclosed location in Georgia Straight, somewhere in sight of Nanaimo.
There is an unconfirmed report that a local fisherman brought in a 36 lb. spring. If the fisherman who caught it brings in a picture or posts it to our Facebook page I’ll give him a free lure.
I have a confirmed report of a 32 pound Spring caught at the Grande a few days ago. The lucky couple who got it was in today upgrading their landing net. I’ve up-sized my net 3 times in four years, so make sure your net is up to the task before you hook into the big one. 
There are lot’s of big fish North of our waters right now. I expect good things as the rains will bring them our way. Also, the Pinks will move to the beaches and stage in front of the rivers so come get your beach fishing gear now. We have some good deals on spin casting rods and lures. One combo I would recommend would be the Rhino Indestructible Rod with the Quantum Snapshot 40 Reel for $59.99.
  In a personal note, I’ve finally gotten out on the water twice in one week! Which makes 3 trips in the last two months for me. Apparently my fishing skills are rusty as I lost a big spring each time out. One was as I was trying to bring up my manual rigger and reel in the fish at the same time. The other one broke my leader cleanly. It was a newly tied leader, I just put too much pressure on him when I thought he was ready to come to the boat. He was not. The first was on 3” Mavrik spoon, the second was on 3” Pink Sink. I also got 2 legal Coho on the Mavrik and lot’s of unclipped ones. It’s my new favorite Coho spoon....and one of my top 3 Chinook spoons.
The Coho are spread out from Hudson Rocks to the shallows North of Neck Point. The big springs were close to Lagoon head. And there where also lot’s of Pinks around. I kept one as it was the first salmon I caught with my daughter ‘helping’ me.

Tips up,

Steve V

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