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Up-to-date fishing news for BC. Read through our forum, which highlights local fishing conditions, amazing catches and more. And remember that if you are looking for expert fishing advice and top-of-the-line supplies, visit our fishing store in Nanaimo.
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Chum Fishing & Hatchery open house

Fishing Department - Saturday, October 28, 2017

  October is Chum season in Nanaimo! We have a large run of these hard fighting salmon entering the Nanaimo river right now. The commercial fleet was hard at it all day yesterday right in front of the Nanaimo estuary.

While traditionally underutilized by sport fisherman, Chum salmon are actually one of the most sporting salmon to catch. They are large, very good fighters, easy to catch and great in the smoker.

To target them in the salt water use sockeye style hootchies in pink, purple and chartreuse. The key is to first find them by spotting jumpers. Then troll dead slow and shallow 60-20 ft.  

Also the lower portion of Nanaimo river is open under tidal fishing regulations. So if you don't have a boat it is a great option.

Also a big reminder that November 5th is the Annual Nanaimo River salmon hatchery garage sale and spawning days open house.

If you have used fishing gear to donate, please drop it off at the hatchery or here at the Chandler.

Come out to the sale for deals on used gear,salmon BBQ, kids activities and to watch the salmon spawn.  And also to support the good work that a few tireless volunteers do to maintain our wild salmon.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

Winter Springs

Fishing Department - Friday, October 06, 2017

  The winter springs (Feeder Chinook) have arrived in Nanaimo waters. And due to the rains being late, some of this years fish are still out there.

 To target the winters fish right on the bottom off Neck Point in 180-200 ft. of water. Needle fish patterns are always a good bet for these fish. And coincidentally we (finally) just got our first shipment of the new CJ special spoons. Now being produced by Peetz in Victoria. They are a very neat spoon with a dramatic twist to make them really roll. However with these spoons you should run them naked, as in with no flasher. This is also conductive to fishing deep, not to mention being loads of fun. I still run a dummy flasher off my cannonball, but nothing except the lure on my line.

In other fishing news, prawning is still better than normal. Some people are finding them shallower than normal as well.

Here in the store we are getting ready for our annual inventory count. And as a non-computerized store, we do it all by hand. So if you need to wheel and deal now's the time to come in, as we would rather sell the products than count them.

Tips up,

Steve Vavrik

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